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About Me

Qualifications and approach

Emmanuelle Barani is certified Holistic* Nutritionist (Paracelsus School, Germany) and completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program of Cornell University & Center for Nutrition Studies (USA).
Her approach focuses on a more vegetable-based and sustainable nutrition.

She founded Health Transitions in 2016 to share her experience and show how easily healthy, real food combined with a balanced lifestyle can bring us back to wellbeing and vitality.

She is convinced that “nutritious nutrition” coupled with individually tailored healthy practices can be a powerful tool to regain true comfort in life by feeling better, lighter and fitter.

Having worked long intense days at a desk for many years, Emmanuelle knows first-hand how challenging it can be to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Her recommendations therefore concentrate on tasty meals, made from scratch, in little time and with minimal ingredients. In the same way, her suggestions will allow you to implement restoring routines with ease.

Emmanuelle is based in Frankfurt, Germany and also offers remote counselling by phone or video calls.

*meaning looking at your situation as a whole and not at each problem in isolation.

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