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Services and concept

My counselling is customized to your own preferences, abilities and restrictions.

By assisting you in discovering good eating habits and routines that individually suit you, I can help you boost your general wellbeing and vitality, achieve your ideal weight, and eventually harmoniously accommodates special situations like food intolerances, allergies, pregnancy, aging, etc.

Thorough assessment

You will receive a detailed analysis and evaluation of your dietary habits, ways of life, current level of well-being, possible ailments, energy level, eating patterns, potential limitations and fitness activities.

Customized solution

Your folder will include individual dietary recommendations, suggestions for a healthful lifestyle and other specific tools, all tailor-made for you.

Ongoing guidance

You will receive ongoing support and advices in developing new healthy routines and in sticking to them.

Personalized tutoring

Upon request, you can receive additional counselling for putting together and preparing nutritious food in a fuss-free way.

Get more information

An initial 30-min phone consultation free-of-charge gives you the chance to receive more details about Health Transitions’ nutrition services, to ask questions and to decide whether this is a good fit for you. We can then work together either on an hourly, or flat-rate package basis.
Meetings can be held in French, English or German.