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Simply healthy, fuss-free

Plagued by tiredness and a lack of drive?
Unhappy with your body shape?
Regularly getting an upset stomach after eating?
Struggling to switch to more helpful habits?
Feeling overwhelmed about where to start?

If yes, Health Transitions can help you!

Health Transitions is about guiding you towards a “healthified“ vitality and meeting your goals with

Empathy and tolerance

Come as you are: we will find solutions that suit your taste buds, your life situation, your habits, and your budget.

Ease and pragmatism

Our recommendations are easy to implement and take into account all aspects of your life.

Tailor-made suggestions

You will get individualized advice, with the option to receive additional individual support if desired.

Authentic approach

Health Transitions focuses on genuine, natural and sustainable products and concepts.

Nutrition & Healthy routine: the right equation

I will show you how easily healthy, real food combined with a balanced lifestyle can bring us back to wellbeing and vitality.